Zelda is 110 years old and living in Her imagination. It has been a member for 2 weeks, and was last logged on yesterday.

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Welcome to my profile

 Hey! Thanks for stoping by my page! I am new on the game and I am having a great time playing it. I love dragons and anything to do with fantasy creatures. I love my family and thank God that I am blessed! If you are wondering about my wierd profile picture it is a snowman that my sister and I made. If you are wondering what my avatar is, it is Link from the Legend of Zelda. Great game! :) Speaking of Avatar I want to see the movie realy bad! The one on Pandora and with blue people, not the Last Airbender. So if you have seen it or heard stuff about it please let me know. I would love to have more friends on Tron so please write me! Well I think that I will stop talking now. Thank you for reading! God bless!


~Zelda~~Zelda~ said

Posted 11 days ago

I am duin good! And how are you? Hey do you know how to ask a friend to play with you?


Posted 11 days ago

how are you

~Zelda~~Zelda~ said

Posted 2 weeks ago



Posted 2 weeks ago

yay ur the same age as me :P


Posted 2 weeks ago


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