Starland Multiplayer TD

Starland Multiplayer TD

Follow these steps to play the game

Build your towers on the green area before the time runs out. Then launch the round and hope you survive longer than your opponent! Your towers only destroy the enemies of opposite colour, which attempt to exit through your gate.

Keyboard shortcuts (HOLD SHIFT TO USE):
Escape: Deselect
S: Sell
U: Upgrade
1: Build Debris Tower
2: Build Laser Tower
3: Build Missile Tower
4: Build Shockwave Tower
5: Build Frost Tower
6: Build Anti-Air Tower



* Players get no cash or points for killing extra enemies.

* You now need to hold shift to use shortcut keys in order to prevent accidental tower selling during chat.

A multiplayer tower defense game. Play against a friend and beat them!

Looking for a buddy to help you reach the 4000 achievement? Recruit good players here:

YET MORE UPDATES: Enemies go fast when they're out of range of towers than can hurt them.

MORE UPDATES: You can now send extra enemies to the other player (at a cost! And if they kill them... they'll be making more money!)

UPDATES: Keyboard shortcuts, wider grid, easy game restart, sandbox mode to mess with while waiting for other players

This game was the monthly best game of
November 2008

This game was the weekly best game of
Nov 10 to Nov 16


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