Suggest a better background

If you like this game, you can help make it even better by suggesting a better background for it. Simply create a new background that you think is better than the current one, and upload it below.

To show our appreciation, you'll recieve 10 XP if your background is approved by our moderators!.

Current Background

You should only submit a background suggestion if you think you can make one that is better than the current one:


Make sure your background follows these requirements:

  1. The file must be at least 5x5 pixels.
  2. The image must look nice when tiled over the background.
  3. The file must be either a png, jpg or gif file.
  4. The file must be smaller than 100 kb.


Here are some guidelines for making a great game background

  • Complementing the game without taking focus from it.
  • Use the color palette from the game'