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Posted a long time ago by Henrik

Today we made a release with our new forums that we've been working on. We think they look a lot prettier than before, but most important are the new features that we've built.

The first thing you probably noticed is that we now keep track of unread forum threads and unread posts in them, which makes it a lot easier to see what's new and hot, and which threads people might have replied to you in.

You still have a list of Favorite threads, but we now show that list exactly like in the forums, so you get them sorted by date and you can easily see if you have any unread posts in the threads you are following.

A lot of people have asked for the ability to edit posts after they've been posted, so we of course added that feature, and we're also keeping all the old features like rating posts.

The coolest new feature though is the markup we added. Previously you could only do simple formatting of the text, but we've now added support for headings, nested markers, and code snippets. That last feature should be really helpful in the Developer Forums. To see what you can do, check out the Forum Markup Help page.

As usual, if you have any suggestions or feedback on the new forums just post it in the Feedback section, or simply start a discussion in the new forums themselves


shadowstalker said

Posted a long time ago

Sweetness, Yay New stuff

AmiAthenaAmiAthena said

Posted a long time ago


I love the new forums!


Vince10293 said

Posted a long time ago


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