Announcing the winner of the Multiplayer competition!

Posted a long time ago by Chris So a lot of people have been asking when we will be announcing the winner of the multiplayer competition.

To make the competition more fair we have decided to take in a few Judges from outside the company to help judge the winner. This is to ensure that the relations we now have with a lot of you developers are not effecting our judgement!

However these guys need a bit of time to play the games and vote on who the winner will be, therefore the announcement of who won are delayed to Friday the 7th November!Sorry about the stress we put on you guys!



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KoGKoG said

Posted a long time ago

We all already know it's LorenzGames. Just roll a dice and pick one of his games at random. ಠ_ಠ

arbyarby said

Posted a long time ago


I'll use this time to keep trying to get my game on the big site I told you guys about and which takes FOREVER to respond to anything =O

Anyhow, I'm holding on tight waiting for the results =P Got a bit of butterfly in my stomach. XD

zproxyzproxy said

Posted a long time ago

Can we expect a final vote table to be shown once the winner is picked?

It would be nice to know high high my game had scored for the judges compared to other metrics.

arbyarby said

Posted a long time ago

Seconded. I wanna see how far back shock arena is placed. Even if it's just an honorable mentions list. =)

We-Die-YoungWe-Die-Young said

Posted a long time ago

May the best game win! Good luck to you all! ;)

saikat344saikat344 said

Posted a long time ago

Yes, we all want the best game to be the winner. Also "final vote table" as proposed by zproxy will be great. That will help us determine what went wrong/right with our games and will help us develop much better multiplayer games in future.
Best of luck to everyone. :)

NecroSonicNecroSonic said

Posted a long time ago

So when will we know?? Before 00.00?

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oggologgooggologgo said

Posted a long time ago

To make the competition fair, how about you stick to the rules, instead of changing them at the end of the competition?

Basing it on the popularity was the main factor to begin with, and you told people to work hard to spread their games to have a better chance of winning.

Now you decided that this should be no factor at all.

It's not acceptable.

N06N06 said

Posted a long time ago

I liked the old nonoba better, it was more simple to get around the site. Now I have to think to whatever i do. Befor i just could do it really speady. but now It's more complicated

~imagirl~~imagirl~ said

Posted a long time ago

OMG please put this on the news
Google put all are info on there and it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

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