The random quiz that doesnt have a name

xX Death Bunny xXxX Death Bunny xX said

4 days ago | Post #1
1.Do you like bunnies?


3.What you lookin at?


5.My new years vow is to stop vampire babies!

6. Don't you wanna fanta? fanta?

7. ._. Someone said they eat rabbits/bunnies. T.T

8. Someone got hit by a parked car....

9.2+2= 4. 2+2=22 2+2= I RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11.Bears have no soul!!! >:(

12. This is the last question/statement YOU PICK WHAT IT IS!!!!! .

TrappedTrapped said

4 days ago | Post #2
1. yes
2. great
3. not sure yet
4. luv peanutbutter hate jelly
5. i will keep that in mind
6. dont know
7. no way! and thats gross
8. lol sounds like someone i know
9. correct
10. not a huge fan
11. tht explains A LOT
12. nada

that was fun ^^

Joebo Lakerunner20Joebo Lakerunner20 said

4 days ago | Post #3
1)fairly enough
2)do you like waffles? (in the music theme)
3)your quiz, dumbo!
4)with a dancin' banana, why would you need that phrase?
6)I love fanta. Fav soda
7)If thay said that, then they are jerks
8)impossible story
9)you must be a D- or C+ in math eh? (no offense)
10)umm.... no.
11)that explains why they want to rip out ours (not)
12)Did you like this quiz? YES!!!!!!

xX Death Bunny xXxX Death Bunny xX said

3 days ago | Post #4
._. i'm not dumbo. there are 2 def for that

1. A stupid or foolish person

2.That flying elephant from walt disney

3. A word that rhymes with gumbo. :D

xX Death Bunny xXxX Death Bunny xX said

3 days ago | Post #5
well make that 3

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