The Forum game called Kingdom Wars


10 months ago | Post #1
I want to make a forum game call Kingdom wars
and I need people to act as The Important people
plus I am the Main person so here are the people that need acting.
Sora,Riku,Leon,Tidus,Roxas(!?!),axel,Kai,Terax,Yoshisune,and finally The great red hero from the mega man zero series ZERO,plus Mario,Mario's bro and Peach from the mario games
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10 months ago | Post #2
heres the Story:
1 year after the nobodys were destroyed
Sora's disney friends where now At their home
and sora and riku are back together but a new
danger awaits them......1 day after sora's return
(???):this finally the time We Heartbodys will
destroy Sora To pay for our sealing day....

O yea I am sora by the way

38 Mario Pk38 Mario Pk said

10 months ago | Post #3
hum? let me see. erm... i will chose erm... Kai? nope. err... Roxas? nope... Riku? no way... ok i chose... ermm... Leon i think.
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Sora the hedgehogSora the hedgehog said

3 days ago | Post #5
i am sora

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