sooo, what?

heyboys123heyboys123 said

9 days ago | Post #1
is there a way to make my profile btter, like an animated background, a summary about myself and so on?

Joebo Lakerunner20Joebo Lakerunner20 said

9 days ago | Post #2
This is a question that is self-explanatory.

You can use your text info to do your summary, and your backgrounds are not entirely flash, but can change color, shape, etc. In addition, your profile picture can take a flash element up to 100 mb, so question answered. Good night.
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Santo LeeSanto Lee (online) said

8 days ago | Post #4
If you need help with your profile, then there are always these suggestions:

  • Google Images
  • Forum
  • Or Insite World

You can always ask someone to help you too
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heyboys123heyboys123 said

3 days ago | Post #5
Yes but where do i go to to do my summary?

jsheppardjsheppard (online) said

3 days ago | Post #6

On the right you should see a button that says, "edit stylesheet"

it should take you to a page where you can input CSS

OhHaiXDOhHaiXD said

2 days ago | Post #7
What is CSS?

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