Hypothetical situations.

demonic780demonic780 said

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This is being based on several screen captures I've seen online.

Basically, you give people a hypothetical situation and others comment on what they would do in that situation.

For example of a question:
  • you find a rare gold coin in the woods, what would you do?

Some possible answers to that question would be:
  • I would leave it there in case the person returns for it.
  • I would pick it up and keep it as a good luck charm :)
  • I would take it and sell it!

Please keep it appropriate for this site.
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demonic780demonic780 said

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You find an old grenade in a forest you pick it up, The pin flies out and is dragged across the woods by a wire. You have the safety lever down, and therefore the grenade is currently not at risk of exploding. What would you do?

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