GO crew sine up

danielleibdanielleib said

3 days ago | Post #1
first year of gamer orgenazeysion come for the love of games you need to:
1.be a game lover
2.be creative
3.be artistic
4.be a good level maker
5.be a nice man/women
6.dont destroy a other crew members levels
7.be a good thinker in crew
GO crew :D we have logo crew for everybody edits inbox me hoo want to be in

danielleibdanielleib said

2 days ago | Post #2
pls come in
to level GO crew

xX_Eduardo_XxxX_Eduardo_Xx said

2 days ago | Post #3

jordie1995jordie1995 said

2 days ago | Post #4
Moved to Off-Topic.

xxXSatanic_AbyssXxxxxXSatanic_AbyssXxx said

2 days ago | Post #5
Also, you need to learn how to use spell check

>sine =/= sign

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