Fred Is Not Funny

Mr_PipeBombMr_PipeBomb said

6 days ago | Post #1
Fred videos suck. some like Fred Goes Swimming, Fred Loses His Meds, and others, fred is not funny. Nope, not funny at all. Not even make me smirk. Nope. Anyone agree?

weewormweeworm said

6 days ago | Post #2
i agree hes on crack

GH36GH36 said

6 days ago | Post #3
I agree.

GH36GH36 said

5 days ago | Post #4
But he edits his voice you know.But he still sucks.

19031903 said

5 days ago | Post #5
I love Fred.But his real name is Lucus.

MildDestructionMildDestruction said

5 days ago | Post #6
Everyone has different opinions.

I like the Fred videos.
But thats me. So but i dont want this to become a big fight over differences...
Post #7 deleted

greendotgreendot said

5 days ago | Post #8
i dont like fred. he's obnoxious. but there are a few videos that are funny but not many. the ones listed above are completely obnoxiuos and not that funny. the high pitched voice makes it sound weird and .... weird.
Post #9 deleted

Joebo Lakerunner20Joebo Lakerunner20 said

4 days ago | Post #10
im with mild destruction. If you want to tell all of your big secrets, then tell it somewhere else and not cramp the forum space
Last edited 4 days ago

keywashkeywash said

3 days ago | Post #11
i like FЯED

larlarlarlar said

3 days ago | Post #12
i LOVE fred hes sooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!

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