A quiz that a bunny or you will enjoy. ._. this is part 2 1st take part one plz.

xX Death Bunny xXxX Death Bunny xX said

a long time ago | Post #1
1. HOLY SWISS CHEESE!!!!! I just noticed I live in a house.

A. Dumbo. again.

B. 7 swans of swimming! 6 geese of laying 5 golden RINGS!!!!

C. Pika pika pika chu!!!!!!!!!

D. ( no comment)

2. Taco. Go get me a dog that is wearing a taco.

A. Ok.

B. NO! ITS MINE!!!!! (Pretty pretty shiny shiny >:))
C.Wait until christmas
D. IDC!!!!!

3. Do you know the spagetthi cat?

A. uhhhh... I weep for you?
B.Yeah.Is it a cat made of of spagetthi?
C.TWILIGHT Rules! (answer the question)
D. I'M ON TEAM EDWARD!!! (what did I just say!?)


A. poke
B. Stop or i'll call the cops. (OK! OK! Jeez!)
C. pokes in eye (ow.)
D. Whats new scooby doo?

5. Do you know the word?

B.YEAH! a bird a bird bird bird bird is the word!!!
C. No
D. Yes.

6.pokes again POKING LIKE CRAZY!!!
A. Calls crazy house Yup looks like we got another one. :l
B.Calls cops Yes. Uh huh. hangs up phone they'll be coming in 10 seconds.
C. pokes my chocolate bar.(HEY! THAT COST 2875335666,864499!!!)

7. Cops come You: THERE SHE IS!!!! cops run to get me Me: jumps out window* YOU CAN NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

A. O.o
B. FINALLY!!! . Me: comes back punches in stomach.
C.your phone RING!!!! You:* picks it up* AGENT WE NEED YOU HERE NOW! You: make sure no ones looking. jumps out other window.
D. here comes those crazy house people.

8.Make your own question. (I'll be running from the cops and the crazy house people. Me: CYA!!!! :D

Joebo Lakerunner20Joebo Lakerunner20 said

a long time ago | Post #2
3.E-should i need to know?
7.E-i make sure i tell them the 8th question.
8. Why did i call you? So you can be in this quiz!

Joebo Lakerunner20Joebo Lakerunner20 said

5 months ago | Post #3
lolz plz more ppl do quiz

xX Death Bunny xXxX Death Bunny xX said

5 months ago | Post #4
I'm not dumb im just crazy. :P

Obvious TrollObvious Troll said

5 months ago | Post #5
..... no.

xX Death Bunny xXxX Death Bunny xX said

4 weeks ago | Post #6
When I put chocolate bar it underlined it and made this aid about college!!! What the fudge!!! >:(

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