think guests should be able to get banned? yes or no?

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Gedda206Gedda206 said

8 days ago | Post #1
sadly, they don't ever get banned. do u approve of this being good or bad?

Metaloid said

8 days ago | Post #2
i believe the answer is yes and no but it all up to the nonoba admins

maybe comment there?

Also they cant get banned because like you said they are guest not users :s

palmerainpalmerain said

6 days ago | Post #3
i think only if they do something bad!

GawjussGawjuss said

6 days ago | Post #4
I think they should, One guest who i met wished my parents would die...:/

Mr_PipeBombMr_PipeBomb said

6 days ago | Post #5
Guests cant get banned people

they can just change their name and boom

GawjussGawjuss said

5 days ago | Post #6
Thats why were discussing that they should be avle to get banned

ownking123 said

5 days ago | Post #7
I personaly think if they are swearing or disobeying the rules, yes they should be. Nonoba should set up a record where it takes the users ip address and when they next try to go onto nonoba a box will come up ( pop up ) and will say you have been temporily ( sorry if i spelt that wrong ) for a certain amount of hours say 48hours, 24hours or a ban in which they have done something extremely wrong and get banned for life.
Post #8 deleted

Metaloid said

4 days ago | Post #9
... we mods are able to kick them just not ban them and its already been said they are not actual members so cant ban them go vote up the feedback i made so the admins can do something about it :D

and dont repeat what's been said over and over :s

ownking123 said

4 days ago | Post #10 | in reply to #9
please can you read my thread to this post, and yes it is possible.
P.S How do you become a mod as i want to make nonoba a safer, better place.

Metaloid said

4 days ago | Post #11
nonoba isnt looking for mods no more sorry

ownking123 said

4 days ago | Post #12
oh... why not? the more the merrier!
Post #13 deleted

tapixtapix said

3 days ago | Post #14 | in reply to #13
Developer is not a moderator.

Developers upload/develope games, they get developer xp from it, they do not have any special powers.

"because a mod acually cant do that much more then just a member"
Moderators can do much more than normal users, normal users can report other users (sends a report to the moderators), while moderators can remove users from the site&chats.
Last edited 3 days ago

rozey4155rozey4155 said

3 days ago | Post #15 | in reply to #2
i think the should
Post #16 deleted

ownking123 said

3 days ago | Post #17 | in reply to #14
Hi Tapix, i have commented and gave ideas to this forum for a while now and just read your post, and i was wondering, can mods take you owt ofd the site? cuz thts what you said...
And how did you become a mod?

CaiitRawrr-xCaiitRawrr-x said

2 days ago | Post #18
I don't even know if they should get banned anyway, what if their being hacked??
Would it ban them both?

Kingstriker7Kingstriker7 said

2 days ago | Post #19
i will just say that it isn't fair that guests can do almost as much as us but dont can be banned or kicked or even reported!
i think that guests only can play normal games not multiplayer game or it has to be everytime deleted!

ownking123 said

2 days ago | Post #20 | in reply to #19
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