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.Master..Master. said

2 days ago | Post #1
When i play zero arena i can see some people but i also can't see some people.THey can't see me either.
Why is this happening?

kielxxxkielxxx said

2 days ago | Post #2
it happens to me too i dont know why?

jonny77jonny77 said

2 days ago | Post #3
cause some peoples internet connections cant meet
try a different map and a diferent day

Lord XLord X (online) said

2 days ago | Post #4
Yes that happens to me too sometimes and I think I should agree with jonny77

jack rjack r said

2 days ago | Post #5
it happends to me when i play the 4 courners arena

kaenonkaenon said

10 hours ago | Post #6
well im NOT gonna agree with jonny77.
1. it dont matter what map or day it i think it matters what comp u have and where u are in the world, but thats just what i think.
2. it might also have something to do if u have a virus, but i doubt that

i couldnt really tell ya the real anwser because mrxed was never able to figure it out when i showed him the problem, atthe time he didnt know the problem even existed though becuz he said that it was a new problem to him. he was never able to fix the problem, but he said that these were the likely reasons y it might not work(shown above)

jonny77jonny77 said

5 hours ago | Post #7
but kaenon i was playing with dr123456789 and i could not see him on 4 player corners but i could see him on 4 player-team-corners and then like and hour laater i refreshed and i could not see him on the map

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