I am a terrible fltron player

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noob_saibotnoob_saibot said

2 days ago | Post #2
same here
nolife noob <

reniltsafreniltsaf said

2 days ago | Post #3
OH, ok, lol, sounds like a need for negative attention to me. No need to make a forum about why you think you suck or choose to belittle yourself for ? Could be, you need some friends to help cheer you up ?

Mr. EMr. E said

2 days ago | Post #4
Okay, this almost made me sad.
Then I was just like, meh.
Okay MisterGreen, thank you for being honest with yourself.

guest*1.1guest*1.1 said

2 days ago | Post #5
I am noob also.
But I am better than guest*1.
I am upgradez.
Lots of love, Ellsming.

Hinata19Hinata19 said

2 days ago | Post #6

elf 0rs2.2elf 0rs2.2 said

2 days ago | Post #7
Can I make a suggestion? Stop wallowing in your own faeces. Your keys stick and turns are a bitch.

LightBeamLightBeam said

2 days ago | Post #8
You have always been insulted, and we already know that you suck. So what's the point of this forum?

jordie1995jordie1995 said

yesterday | Post #9
Drama thread is dramatic.


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