How long have you played FL Tron total? (*be honest*)

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TitanthropTitanthrop said

4 months ago | Post #1
I've played for 5 weeks so far, and played the computer version for about 1 week before that. So 6 weeks total time. I'm amazed at how quickly some people pick up the game in just a week's time or so.

LightBeamLightBeam said

4 months ago | Post #2
I've been playing it for 4 weeks. However I played another version of this game long time ago and was playing it a lot, so i kind of already knew the general concept and strategy of the game.
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TitanthropTitanthrop said

4 months ago | Post #3
LightBeam's a perfect example of a quick study. 4 weeks and nearly unbeatable.

LightBeamLightBeam said

4 months ago | Post #4
Lol yeah I caught up into it very fast. Took me 5 or even 4 days of playing that people started calling me a pro :S. But I was playing a lot in those days though lol.
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Turtl3Turtl3 said

3 months ago | Post #6
probably this whole month lol

guest*1guest*1 said

2 months ago | Post #7
i was the first guest

toutinettetoutinette said

2 months ago | Post #8
first time guest1 posts in a forum; congratulations

3.5 weeks maybe?
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StitchpunkStitchpunk said

2 months ago | Post #10
Well lets see, I stumbled upon a few months ago and began playing it quite a bit until mefuzzy unveiled the very first multiplayer version. During that time, I'd say about 2 to 3 weeks, I was the guest version of Stitchpunk. After that I decided to become a member of nonoba, which by the site's calculation I have been a member now for 5 weeks _;

So all in all I'd say about 3 months and 2 weeks? I still need to play better, the competition is surprisingly greater these days heh.

H.M.S. Man-of-WarH.M.S. Man-of-War said

2 months ago | Post #11
I've also played as a guest for quite some time. Finally decided to register. But hey all, quit with the Jew-bashing, OK?

LightBeamLightBeam said

2 months ago | Post #12
H.M.S it's probably one person here who expresses his hate towards the Jews. And it only requires one person to create multiple rooms that have anti-Jewish names. Fltron regular players are usually nice loving people :)

H.M.S. Man-of-WarH.M.S. Man-of-War said

2 months ago | Post #13
I hope so. They should take their rage out on people like Nazis who really deserve it! Ah~ the meek always get it in the rear......

LightBeamLightBeam said

2 months ago | Post #14
No they shouldn't. Nazis are almost non-existent anymore. I guess there is no point in attacking them as well. There are tons of other groups of people who deserve to let your rage upon, however I prefer that fltron stays a peaceful place without any hate to any certain group of people! That's my opinion.

LightSpeedLightSpeed said

2 months ago | Post #15
I started Playing the arcade game when it first came out as a promotion for the movie,which was in 1982. I read the book, loved the movie. I started playing the online version for about may or june of 09, then I stumbled across nonoba about over a month ago, in oct, became a registered member, so all together, about 6 months online, and about 2 yrs on the arcade version. Yes, I know, I am that Old, But I feel young for my age, I just wish some of the people would stop bashing other people here, and mostly everywhere else. It never helps, and neevr will either. Not Unless they like being a CRAP Magnet, i met a lot of nice people here too. I won't mention anybody in a negative way, I don't need to attract unwarranted opinions or any Harsh Reamarks, either. I don't feel the need to do that,leave it to those that need to express themselves like that. Peace, Stay Hungry, Finish Strong. All I can say is forget the Past, and Build On a better Future.
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geust*1geust*1 said

7 weeks ago | Post #16
1 minute and im already the king of this game
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toutinettetoutinette said

7 weeks ago | Post #18
you dont havt o say it twice

guest*1guest*1 said

7 weeks ago | Post #19
who are you impostor

Guest-IGuest-I said

7 weeks ago | Post #20
wot do you mean geust*1? im the real king.
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