new glitch

nac542.2nac542.2 said

7 months ago | Post #1
if you shoot up at a 9o degree angle then shooot agian in the same angle bfore it hits you it will deflect the arrow and cause them to bend

rrwizardrrwizard said

3 months ago | Post #2
not a glitch

jan janjan jan said

3 months ago | Post #3
Yeah, it's pretty normal. You can try diffirent degrees in bird hunting and see if you can deflect. Done it thousands of times.

venix27venix27 said

3 months ago | Post #4
not a glitch, its like real life

Edison12345Edison12345 said

2 months ago | Post #5
Its happened to me before....Its not a glitch

PipePineapple123PipePineapple123 said

7 weeks ago | Post #6
And if you click rapidly without moving the mouse, a bunch of bent arrows will fly around you.

gaston2019gaston2019 said

7 weeks ago | Post #7
i agree wit ya pipepineapple123 if you click with out moveing the mouse they will go crazy at ya

The FlyThe Fly said

5 days ago | Post #8
Yah, not a glitch :| Try shooting up at 90o degrees, It will often hit your head.

PipePineapple123PipePineapple123 said

yesterday | Post #9
That's not a glitch either.

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