3v3 Mini Knockout Tournament

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GallionGallion said

yesterday | Post #41
lol, okay svic! You are the 5th Team! Good LUCK in the tourney!

GallionGallion said

yesterday | Post #42

I must to ask from you: Wait for 1 team will join yet, or wait for 3 teams will join?

Everybody please answer! Thanks!

--Bus Driver----Bus Driver-- said

yesterday | Post #43
tbh, i really liked the justin bibers video in his avtar


GallionGallion said

yesterday | Post #44

We have got only 1 (!) free space for join! Who wanna join, hurry up! Lets joined as the last team!

coleywoocoleywoo said

yesterday | Post #45
coleywoo and ~smil3y~
team name (unless obese can think of something better): ~smil3ywoo~ and an obese!
obesebumfluff is with us too if he wants to be :)
Last edited yesterday

GallionGallion said

yesterday | Post #46
okay coleywoo! Please coleywoo go with obesebumfluff!

~Ellsming~~Ellsming~ said

yesterday | Post #47
As much as the thought of that makes me laugh, I don't think putting obese with them would be fair on him :/

Obese Wan KenobiObese Wan Kenobi said

yesterday | Post #48
Make it 3 spots please :)
I'm with stupidd and TBC.

gertrudegertrude said

yesterday | Post #49
gallion so is our team name "Kungfu Bumders"?
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