jordie1995jordie1995 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

It's probably just your internet (or router) lagging or being generally slow.

Do you find that the games also lag?

SaberlanceSaberlance said

Posted 4 weeks ago

well, zero arena and sometimes sneaky tanks lag for me. Also, the same thing happens to other people at the same time it happens.

MetaloidMetaloid said

Posted 4 weeks ago

Sometimes when the chats lag and it isnt your internet, usually means the chats will crash :3 then some one does magik and fixes them again

AntiJDSAntiJDS said

Posted 3 weeks ago

It's your internet, if the chats crash the text won't show up at all.

Shiro 96Shiro 96 said

Posted 3 weeks ago

i was kicked 2 times of this lag cus i .....

polkadot10polkadot10 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

that happens to me

darcie_26darcie_26 (online) said

Posted 2 weeks ago

It's your computer or internet. I can use either one of the computers here, and I never have lag unless the chat's about to crash.

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