Stop-TalkingStop-Talking said

Posted a long time ago

/ignore = mute? :P

But i like your idea. It's not as serious as ban but at the same time you're not letting them off the hook and the person wouldn't be disruptive in the chats.

The AssThe Ass said

Posted a long time ago

That would be cool. It would work best if it keep you from the community all together.
By not letting you use the forums, chat, comments in games and pms. Because if you did not, you would have the forums flooded with "UNMUTE ME NAO!!1111ONE"

HenrikHenrik said

Posted a long time ago

If earning highscores and achievements is so important, maybe you shouldn't have done something to earn a ban in the first place?

PooZyPooZy said

Posted a long time ago

Im just fed up with IP banning, it's clever but when rammjet got banned i got banned for the same thing which i didnt do!

MildDestructionMildDestruction said

Posted a long time ago

POOZY thats alfle
(im your SECREAT fan)
pretend you did not see that ok

collegefan77collegefan77 said

Posted 2 days ago

Very good idea

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