A collection of noteworthy Light-Cycle and Tron related games.

FlTron 2.5 - Flash Tron
One of the most long-lived light-cycle games out there - mainly for its trash-talking babes in storied progression.
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Multiplayer light-cycle game originally developed by the creator of Fltron. Play against people around the world.
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Tron Legacy
Well-polished light-cycle game tied into the recent movie. Controls are a little sticky, but the multiple badies are cool.
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Neon Rider
Ragdoll physics racer meets neon-cycle theme. It looks and plays great. Add a leaderboard and it would be golden.
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Tronology 2
The user interface is a bit unfriendly, but lots of customization options will keep you entertained.
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Tron: Light Cycle Challenge
Port of the original acrade game. Not the best game-play; however, it has some nice nostalgic touches.
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Racing: Legacy
Interesting mix of racing mazes and light-cycles. It could use a little more polish in the execution though.
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It's got 3D graphics and decent controls. The rewards are placed a little too far apart unfortunately.
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Notepad Snake
It's simplistic, but something about a scribbly snake on graph paper seems so appealing and playable.
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