LightSpeedLightSpeed said

Posted 6 weeks ago

YES, Thats true, But what you see, and hear isn't always a match either. You still see, and hear what you want to, unless you change what you' re thinking. Its Always about the way you' re thinking, which can be changed, Its up to the individual that wants to change something. By changing one thing, you change everything. Besides Seeing, and Believing are 2 different things, they say they see it, but don't believe it, because of having doubt. When you get rid of fear, there isn' t any doubt left. So the Benefit is having No More Doubt, or FEAR. Which is only a State Of Mind, definition Of Fear Is Anticipation of Pain, No Pain, No Gain, Its A No-Brainer. Might Explain why we don't have Much to begin with anyway.

Casey14Casey14 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

I like that... i think i was just playing you.. gg.

angelica sarahangelica sarah said

Posted 3 weeks ago

hi casey love ur pic.

foo killafoo killa said

Posted 12 days ago

bah humbug

ChuckNorris4LIFEChuckNorris4LIFE said

Posted 2 weeks ago

You are really good!

foo killafoo killa said

Posted 12 days ago

screw you

CiindeeMariieCiindeeMariie said

Posted 12 days ago

hey! you live in pennsylvania! i go to school there :D
how are u?

foo killafoo killa said

Posted 12 days ago

i am in your bum

Billie_Joe_ArmstrongBillie_Joe_Armstrong said

Posted 3 days ago

add me

shadowlordshadowlord said

Posted 2 hours ago


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