What's the ping thing?
» In the case of Fltron, ping is the amount of milliseconds it takes for a signal to travel from your computer to PlayerIO's servers in Chicago and back again. The lower the ping the better in terms of players being able to see your turns as they happen without lag and vice versa.

How do I lower my ping?
» Fltron's ping is *mostly* a function of distance. A better connection can help, but just because you've recently acquired a fiber optic connection to your local hub, does not mean that the connection across the ocean is any different than it used to be. Closing other bandwidth using applications such as YouTube and streaming music can help too.

What happened to the servers in Copenhagen?
» Nonoba migrated its servers from Copenhagen to Chicago in June of 2011. In effect, the American players and Europeans swapped pings. Now Fltron uses the PlayerIO servers which are also in the US.

  What's the FPS thing?
» Frames Per Second is the amount of time flash renders the game each second. The goal for fltron is 16 fps (the gage is at the top left). If your computer processor can't handle this, you will see your fps drop.

How do I keep my FPS up?
» Low FPS is not much of a problem anymore since the graphics engine of Fltron was improved. If it is a problem, upgrade your computer; close other resource gobbling programs; don't tab around in the browser.

Why do I keep getting disconnected?
» The game ejects players for two reasons: 1) high pings and 2) unsteady fps. This is to keep the game playable by those with good connections and good computers. If you see your ping shooting above 400, or your FPS dropping below 12, you have a chance of being disconnected.